Naturally different!

Biowash is a family owned,  Brazilian company, which has been in business for 39 years as is pioneer in the development of natural and 100% biodegradable cleaning products, which seeks in nature efficient solutions from renewable sources for home cleaning.  We do not use phosphates, optical bleach, chlorine, petroleum derivatives and other toxic substances. We believe that to clean your house you don't have to pollute the planet. It's as simple as that!


We care about the impacts at all stages of our production process.
Certificates help us maintain a production standard that respects the social relationships, the environment and the health of our consumers. Below we explain the importance of each of the certificates that are shown in our packaging:



IBD Natural Ingredients certification ensures that our products are petrochemical-free and our raw materials are of plant origin and renewable sources. 





Certified B Companies are for-profit ESG companies that use the power of business to foster a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate accountability.






The Vegan Certification ensures that our products meet specific criteria of products without original ingredients or animal testing.




The eureciclo certification attests that our company complies with the National Solid Waste Policy, a commitment to society and the conservation of the environment.





We are also members of the Conscious Capitalism Institute of Brazil which is based on four principles: Higher Purpose, Conscious Culture, Conscious Leadership and Stakeholder Orientation.